OAuth link changes

Hello. I’m using the pc version. The OAuth Redirect URL for my accounts changes so I have to relogin once in a while. How can I prevent the link from changing ever again?


I assume you are using our tunnel or our Desktop version? In this case, it is important to mention that neither should be used for important production workflows but rather only for testing and development.

That said, n8n creates, on the first startup, a random URL (random alphanumerical) that it tries to use. When it can not use it because it is already in use, then it generates a totally new random one (with multiple words, like in your case). The reason for that happening is normally because the computer got put insleep mode while n8n is open or something similar, which does not disconnect correctly. Because of this missing disconnect, does the tunnel server think the URL is still in use and that causes this mess. The only way to free that domain up again right now is to restart the tunnel server, which I just did. So if you restart n8n now you should get again your correct unique URL which will not change.

Generally, strongly advise moving away from the tunnel service and either installing n8n on a server or using the cloud version.

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