Oauth2 with Google Drive stopped working

Hi, I attached image of error when trying to create or refresh (after a password change in google workspace)
Says it is blocked but dont really understand where.

Maybe somebody knows?
Self hosted, vs 0.199
Lightsail + Caddy + PM2 setup.


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Hi @pradilla, the error looks like Google no longer recognizes your user [email protected] as a member of the organization your n8n OAuth2 client has been created under. So, it might be worth checking this with one of your Google Workspace admins or reach out to Google support for clarification.

You could also consider simply registering a new client as described on Google: OAuth2 single service - n8n Documentation

Thanks @MutedJam , I found the error. Browser had other gmail user logged in, so when clicked o the sigh in it denied because the credentials did not match with the logged in user
(different user than intended)

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Excellent, glad to hear that was it. Thanks so much for confirming!

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