Odoo Fields to Include Error

Hi, the Odoo Node is nice. But i get an Error in Fields to Include.
The Fields from Odoo are not setable Error Message is: Cannot read properties od undefinied (reading ‘replace’)
What can it be ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Stefan, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. That’s unfortunately a known issue currently sitting in our bug tracker awaiting a fix :frowning:

You should still be able to manually set an ID for the field in question when clicking on the little gears icon next to it and picking Add Expression.

Hi what i have here to put in ?

Fieldname ?


Iirc this is a numeric ID, though I think the correct value will depend on your data. Maybe @Michael_Kret or another more experienced Odoo user can help with this one?

Hi, do you know when this issue would be fix ?

Hi @Stefan, I’ve just checked the current status of the linked request for you and it seems there is no timeline yet I am afraid :pensive:. Perhaps @Nivb_6 can already share some additional details about the plans for this issue?

Hi @Stefan, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with this node and thanks for reporting
Being 100% honest here, this ticket got deleted somehow and therefore was not processed, I will make sure to prioritise this, hopefully, this would be fixed soon

Hello @Stefan, can you tell me what resource are you using, so I can properly test fix?

Got released with [email protected]

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Thanks Jan, i test it.

Hi Jan,

there are 2 Errors that i found:

  1. Fields to Include are not displayed:
  2. Related to this how can we use a combinied field like this:

    in an insert ? We get an error: like this:

@jan how can we put these informations in a structurized form to your team ?


Hey @Stefan,

I have just taken a quick look on my local install and when I do a Get I can see the fields to include, If you hover over the error icon next to it what does it say? It migt be worth clicking the 3 dots anove it and selecting refresh list.

With the second issue it looks like we send it as a string rather than a number as we don’t know the type expected to work around this you can use an expression of {{6}} and it should solve the issue.

Let me know how you get on.

@jon {{}} works, thanks !
Here a video about the 1 point:

Hey @Stefan,

What does it say when you hover over the icon on the right? This is what I see when I try with n8n 0.188.0 and whatever version of Odoo they offer on their cloud environment today.

Hi @jon We have a odoo.sh instance. It could be that made these this issue. We have a look on this.