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Is there any resource on what the Memo input should look like?

Is there any more information anywhere, the following documentation is not really detailed.

@donniedarkowindsalt Hi there :wave:

I can totally understand your confusion here - I’m not able to sign up for Odoo and test and their documentation is not the most friendly in terms of searching for this, but it looks like that should take a string. :eyes:

Hi @EmeraldHerald,

what record is this note linked to? Maybe I don’t even understand what these notes are. What kind of notes? Notes on an opportunity? Notes on a contact?


Hey @donniedarkowindsalt,

My understanding is that this is for the Odoo Notes feature rather than internal notes on an opportunity or contact

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@Jon That makes sense. Thanks.


@EmeraldHerald as you mentioned before:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to send a note to the thread of an opportunity?

Hi @donniedarkowindsalt :wave: It looks like this isn’t supported by the Odoo node - you can try to figure out how to do this through a cURL request outside of n8n and then import the cURL request to the HTTP Request node, and do this in n8n from there.

Unfortunately when @MutedJam and I tried to use Odoo’s runbot options (since I can’t make a trial account), it doesn’t seem to support API access. You may need to get in touch with Odoo support on how to make this API request, as I’m really unfortunately not sure. :bowing_man:

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