Ollama llm node - successful running

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I´m running Llama2 via Ollama.ai and docker.
Does anyone have it up and running inside the lang chain integration.

localhost:11434 is accessible. Running everything on my notebook, but it doesn’t connect.


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Hey @Kool_Baudrillard,

Are you using the correct base url for your ollama instance? Don’t forget that localhost will be local to the container not your host so if you are running n8n in docker as well the chances are your URL wouldn’t be http://localhost:11434 and could instead be if that is what the container is configured to use.

Hi, neither localhost nor 127… works.

But I’m able to curl -X Post and getting a response

Hey @Kool_Baudrillard,

If you are running both n8n and Ollama in docker containers you will need to use the docker network address for the container this will be different from your host machine uses but depending on the command you used for the ollama container you might be able to use the IP of your host and connect that way.

i added these to my ollama.service file:


origin being my n8n instance

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Ok, weird.

I´m running it on a Mac with the Ollama.ai app.

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