OneDrive Upload > 4mb

The current OneDrive node supports the Simple item upload method of 4mb or less.

This request is to add support for the Resumable item upload node for large files.

Having this would allow me to use n8n for a new client project. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the consideration of adding this to the OneDrive node!


What is the size of the files you intent to upload to one drive?

My customer is managing image files. Most are in the range from a 100K to 10-15mb. They are not huge files like video files, but some will certainly be over the 4mb limit of the existing implementation.

Asking this โ€œin generalโ€, but is there a concern or limitation that would make uploading files greater than 4mb through n8n a bad idea?

The only concern is that the files are downloaded to memory, so you have to make sure you have enough ram. However, internally we are working on letting to user to also save the files to disk.

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