Only send message / post output if not seen before?

Is there a way to have my flow do its thing on repeat and then only send a message if the result is new and never seen before?

This is definitely possible, but currently you’ll need to set it up yourself.

You have a couple of options:

  • Store the IDs of the messages somewhere (database/Airtable/Google doc/etc) and query it to see if it’s new
  • If you can tell that it’s new from a timestamp, store the last timestamp and check against that

Hey @RedPacketSec!

As David mentioned you will have to set it up yourself. The concept you will be implementing is known as pooling. We have a blog post on this that will be helpful for you: Creating triggers for n8n workflows using polling ⏲

I’ll have to have a read on the best way to achieve this, thanks

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