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I want to make integration with shopify so that when a product is created then the next step open ai give me the feature through its title and then update the product description in shopify again so everything is successfully connected but the open ai doesn’t give me any outputs,it gives me this msg (This is an item, but it’s empty.) so how to solve that error

What is the error message (if any)?

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Share the output returned by the last node

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I believe this is an unfortunate interface bug (you can notice that there is 1 item on the right side).
On my server I have to clean workflow data and F5 the page (sometimes CTRL+F5). This problem happens occasionally in different nodes from my experience.

In most cases this happens only in the editor. When the workflow executes on the background, things are running smoothly.

Nothing changed and the error is still as it is. there is an item and data empty

Hey @Yasser_Aly,

Can you confirm which version of n8n you are running? Can you also click on JSON on the right and see if that changes anything.

Hello @Jon
How to get the version of n8n and nothing occur when I click on json

Hello @Jon
Version 1.11.2

Hey @Yasser_Aly,

I am not able to reproduce this can you share the full workflow and the output of the trigger node as json?

I’m not able to share the workflow. can we have a 5-min meeting and i’ll share my screen to show you the process!

Hey @Yasser_Aly,

Our community support doesn’t cover meetings and to look into this issue in more detail I will need a copy of the workflow and the data.

As workflows are just JSON data there is rarely anything that can’t be shared in them but you can replace any sensitive values in the text, If this is not something you are able to do you can send the workflow as a direct message if that is easier.

no no i don’t mind sharing them but tell me sorry how to get my workflow code to share it with you


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Hey @Yasser_Aly,

You can do what @Ed_P has suggested or you can just select all of your nodes and do a copy with cmd / ctrl + c and paste it here.

is that right? @Jon @Ed_P

Thank you guys @Ed_P @Jon I solved the error

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