Open Source and paid features

Hi there,

I’m currently evaluating a bunch of open source tools for my new development environment for internal tools. It looks like it’s going to be BudiBase, MySQL and n8n.

Before I decided to start using MySQL, I had been playing around with Supabase, and I really liked it … until I started self hosting, when I found out that the self hosted version was severely crippled.

I appreciate that we all have to make a living somehow, and I have no problem whatsoever to pay for added value. With n8n I’m using the cloud version for production workflows. With Budibase you have to pay for extra features, i.e. plugins and user groups.

For n8n I also see this coming with Environments … We’re working on environments (as a paid feature) …

Now I’m just wondering where this is going, and how this, and other future features, will affect the self hosted version.

Again, I truly appreciate that everybody has to pay the bills, including myself :wink:

Best regards, Dick