Order of execution among nodes

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for this awesome tool.
I understand that implementation of n8n makes executions go in a serial fashion, but what about branching.
if I have a workflow A->B->{C,D,E}
C,D,E are separate branches. I understand that they won’t be executing in parallel, but how is order decided, would C be taken up first or E?

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Welcome to the community @feregi2 and great to hear that you enjoy n8n!

The execution order is in the order you did connect them. So the node you did connect first, will be executed first, the one you connected second after that and so on.

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Here is a small visualization of what you’re trying to say.

When this thing is practically implemented it’ll be in the order of what you connected first.


Let’s say I have workflow and it has a branch. I saw the branch will be executed first and the following workflow will be the next one.

In the Below case, Dropbox node will execute first then the rest of workflow will be continued (I have seen this when I manually execute the workflow)

Haha, It’s really cool to watch that icon spinning inside the nodes :laughing:


@feregi2, I curious what motivated your question. I guess you have a use case where the execution order matters. Would you mind sharing what you’re trying to do?