Outlook Messages

So I’ve just started to use n8n, I’m not sure if this is because I’m not familiar yet or its a feature request.

I want to create a workflow to download emails into my system written in FileMaker. I’ve noticed you can get a message by ID or download all messages but how would you configure it to actively push new emails into another system?


Also theres not very much choice for the start node i.e no app event for outlook.

Just seems abit basic that you can only set a schedule, if I set it to 1 email limit and isRead eq false it will continuely bring back the same unread email?

Can it not tell that the email has already been pulled by the message Ids?

Hi @steveh92 - welcome to the community! :tada:

First and foremost, you’re correct in that n8n currently does not have a specific Outlook trigger - you may want to take a peek at this feature request and upvote it, and also comment with your use case: Microsoft Outlook Trigger Node

Our Product team uses the feature request forums and upvoted features to determine what to work on next.

Since Microsoft is sunsetting IMAP, using the IMAP trigger unfortunately isn’t a workaround here. My teammate Tom made an example workflow of a workaround with an interval node to regularly fetch unread messages: IMAP Email - Error: LOGIN failed - #2 by MutedJam

You could use this as a building block and example on how to get new messages and then send the data where you need :+1:


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