Output Dynamic Data in Credentials

Are there any mechanisms for outputting dynamic data to the credentials page? I know I can use the ‘notice’ type to display something, but I’ve only seen examples of fixed strings. I am looking to source what gets displayed in the notice via a function call or some other external source. Is this currently possible?

I thought maybe I could use a loadOptions method, but it looks like credentials doesn’t support that type.

Hi @ryanflomenco :wave: This sounds like you’re trying to build your own custom node with credentials, is that correct?

I’m not sure if there’s support for dynamic data to be displayed, but the person who would definitely know for sure is @marcus :smiley:

Hi @ryanflomenco,
credentials currently do not support dynamic data using loadOptions methods. You can set a list of options like this using a function helper but the content won’t dynamically change dependent on other properties.

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