Node (Typeform Competitor, but cheaper)

Hey all. I recently moved all my client forms over to from Type forms, slightly less pretty forms but has way more automation features, ability to connect multiple payment gateways for agencies and excellent, fast support.

I am heavily using the Zapier to CRM zaps to do about 2000-3000 tasks a month. Would be great to see Paperform on here as well.

Hey @digiphd, just checked the docs and it looks like they do not offer a webhooks API. However, you can use the webhook node to trigger a workflow once a form is sent. Which I believe is what you want to do.

@RicardoE105 Hey Ricardo, I’m kind of a noon in API, so N8N is only able to interact with a specific Lind of API ??

You can interact with multiples kind of apis. REST, SOAP, GraphQL, etc. if you are asking if you can interact with the Parperform API, then the answer it’s yes.

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