Parse Data Webhook issue no array but in body

Unable to parse data from body if not send in array any node suggestion to get the body data so that it can be used to append google sheet

“body”: {

“{“name":“chandan”,“EmailID”:"[email protected]”,“PhoneNo”:“7838808080”,“Batch Schedule”:“Live class on 28 Dec at 11 AM by Chandan sir Launch Meeting - Zoom”: “OEhEbUgrblNzdWd5RDdrTVcwRm9zZz09 Meeting ID: 82606406292 Passcode: soiim”,“status”:“send”,“SpreadsheetName”:“Live Class Notifcation for Class”,“SpreadsheetID”:“1WVndpiWw5cLjiHo3PAYk9m9B0YB7ehsv2UzyRieFAng”,“SheetName”:“Sheet1”,“SheetID”:0,“TriggerColumn”:“E”,“RowIndex”:2}”


Hey @chandan988,

As the error message says, the body should be an array. The webhook node returns the body as an object. If you’re trying to append the data to Google Sheet, we have documented an example that can help you. You can find the documentation here: Google Sheets | Docs