Parse new posts from Reddit

Hello, tell a newbie how to parse new posts from Reddit, I am interested in the title of the post and its author sent by email, I am interested in receiving only new posts. Thank!

Hi, welcome to the community!

What you are looking for will probably involve a few nodes:

  • Cron (to trigger an action regularly)
  • Reddit (to fetch the latest posts)
  • Set (to keep only the data you’re interested in)
  • Google Sheet (to store that data)
  • If (to check if you’ve seen that post before)
  • IMAP/Gmail (to send the email)

For a beginner, the easiest might be to start becoming familiar with the Cron, Google Sheet and Reddit nodes. All of them are documented at except the Reddit node, which is quite recent. Let me know if you’d like help creating credentials for the Reddit node, or if you need more specifics as you build the workflow.

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Whether it is possible to do it like this chain, I am also interested in parsing other news pages.

Certainly possible. To inspect that workflow or use it as an example, you can copy it and paste it onto your canvas with Ctrl+V. Since that workflow is complex to begin with, I’d recommend making a small workflow with just Cron and Reddit and adding to it as you learn.

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