Partial Text Search on S3 Bucket

I have a s3 bucket with close to 10000 images . For ex AA950CBN_1.jpg, AA950CBN_2.jpg, AA950CBN_3.jpg, AA950LBN_1.jpg, AA950LBN_2.jpg,etc. My requirement is to search S3 buckets using the search string & return the file names of S3 buckets that match the search string. For ex: Search String “AA950LBN” must return file names AA950CBN_1.jpg, AA950CBN_2.jpg, AA950CBN_3.jpg. Whats the best recommended solution to achieve this using n8n?

What is the error message (if any)?

Please share your workflow

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Hi @Siva_Manickam :wave: I’m not very familiar with S3, but I believe it doesn’t have indexed searching. Maybe you could try with Prefixes? ListBucket (SOAP API) - Amazon Simple Storage Service

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