Path error using "Read binary file" node

Good morning!

I am having trouble running the read binary file node, everytime I paste a path to a file shows the same “file not found” error.
Is there any folder in which the file should be to be read by n8n?
I am woking in Ubuntu OS just in case.

Thanks a lot

Hey @adricampi!

May I know how are you using n8n? Is it via Docker?

If it’s not via Docker, are you specifying the complete file path? The relative file path doesn’t work. You need to pass on the absolute file path.

Indeed I am using docker.
I will try the absolute path

Im afraid it doesn’t work even if I paste the absolute path

Did you mount the file path for your Docker container?

Since you’re using Docker, you won’t be able to access the files on the host machine directly. You’ll have to mount the volume.

Here’s something that can be helpful: ubuntu - How to access files in host from a Docker Container? - Stack Overflow

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