Path for storing / writing binary file on n8n cloud [ Write Binary File node ]


I am trying to use Write Binary File node in a workflow hosted on n8n cloud.

But I cannot find a suitable path for which I have right to write. I keep getting “ERROR: EACCES: permission denied”.

I didn’t find this information in the documentation. I understand this can be set-up in docker compose parameters when you self host your n8n but what about n8n on cloud ?

About the workflow :
I get a photo as binary from an API and would like to upload it somewhere else with a graphql mutation (POST request).

Thanks for you help !

Long Wei

Hello longwei,

for the write node to work, you’ll have to start the file name with /home/node/.n8n/.

For example, you want to save a file called image.png, in the write node’s file name field, you’ll have to enter /home/node/.n8n/image.png.

Further, i’ll note down this issue and we’ll try to fix this as soon as possible.

Feel free to write if it doesn’t work this way, and happy low-coding!


Hello @kik00

Thank you very much for the quick answer ! This works perfectly.

Have a great week-end !

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