Pause Workflow

Before I go down the rabbit hole on this one, I just wanted to confirm that what I want to do is possible. I have a workflow in place that is triggering on an inbound phone call from Dialpad and doing some searches and whatnot (thanks to @RicardoE105 for writing most of it) against our PSA before creating or updating a ticket with some information about that call. At some point, after the call ends, Dialpad will make a transcription of the call available via webhook. What I want to do is have that Webhook come into n8n and match it against the ticket previously created for that call and send an update through to that ticket with the transcription. What I want to avoid is having to save data from a call to a database or anything like that, because I want this to remain as simple as possible. So if it can live inside n8n entirely, that’s the best case scenario. If it lives within the same workflow, even better (hence the subject of pausing the workflow). So what would be the best way to do something like that? Cheers!

You can have multiple webhooks in the same workflow. When the transcription webhooks is fired, it probably includes the ID of the ticket. Take that ticket ID and retrieve the extra information or am I missing something?

Multiple webhooks would sadly not help as each would start a totally new workflow execution. There is no way around saving the data externally and then query and match.

Sorry misunderstood what ricardo did mean.

If you you are able to send information with that Webhook call then you can use that one as “storage” and the workflow could stay simple.

No, Dialpad is an entirely different system from our PSA, so it won’t know the ticket ID when it talks to n8n. I think @jan may be right. We trigger on the call being answered and there is a unique id provided by Dialpad for the call. The more I think this through, I don’t see a scenario where we avoid talking to the workflow again. Can a workflow access the data from previous executions?

No, a workflow cannot access data from a past execution.