PDF binary to Nextcloud

i want to generate a pdf file in a wordpress environment, send the base64 encoded string via curl to a webhook endpoint and upload the pdf to a nextcloud path.

The {{$json[“body”][“pdf_data”]}} property represents the string of the pdf. When i use a base64->pdf tool, the pdf is generated correctly.
But the nextcloud node says “NodeOperationError: No binary data exists on item!”
Can you help me?
Thank you in advance

Hi @EStephan, welcome to the community :tada:

The Nextcloud node would expect either plain text or a binary item for the upload to work, for example like so:

Seeing you have base64-encoded data, you’d need to create a binary item first based on this data. This is an example Function Item node doing the job:

After running this node you (should) have a binary property named data which you should be able to upload to Nextcloud.

Hope this helps!

Hi @MutedJam ,

your examples worked for me. Thanks for your explanations.
Best regards,

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Excellent, glad to hear this works and thanks so much for confirming!