Perfex CRM node

It would be great to have a node for this open source crm.

Welcome to the community @zerog

Can you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? Just to be sure that if this node gets created it does already what you need it to do.

And do not forget to upvote the feature request.


Add, delete, request, update customers, contacts, invoices, leads, expenses, contracts and estimates just to name a few. It has many features but this can be a starting point.

Thanks for replying.


I would also like n8n to have a Perfex module with the possibility of registering leads, customers, invoices, payments, among other options that exist in CRM.

Eu também gostaria que o n8n tivesse um módulo do Perfex com possibilidade de cadastrar leads, clientes, faturas, pagamentos, entre outras opções que existem no CRM.

Is Perfex Open Source ?

I upvote this node :fire:

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Hi team,

Any update on this? I don’t see any Perfex CRM nodes yet!


Yes! Perfex CRM is Open Source.

Is there a public license link?

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I believe Perfex is not Open Source:

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tbm tenho interesse nesse node

I also vote for this node! This CRM has many active installations.