Persist and Recover Workflow

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a ‘Persist and Recover’ workflow.
This is the template I created for this type of workflow:

I would love to get new ideas on improving my workflow or other ways to create this type of workflow.


Hi @NaomiAsh

Could you give a bit more information on what you want to accomplish with the workflow?

Hi @BramKn

I would like to persist from the last ‘step’ that was running.
In the example above, the function node returns the last step that was running, and then the workflow starts from there usting the if/switch nodes.

Sorry, need a little bit more information on what you are doing and what you want to optimise.
Sharing the workflow would be helpful as well.


This is just a test workflow of a way to persist and recover. When a workflow fails/stops for whatever reason I would like to restart it from the last node that was running. In this example the function node returns the last step that was running (Currently just a basic return of a hardcoded value. The real task will be returned from DB) and then the IF node checks if that task was 0-3 or 4-7 (Because the SWITCH node only has 4 cases) then directs it to the right SWITCH node that directs the workflow to start from the right node based on the last task that was running.

This scenario works well and I was just wondering if it makes sense or if there’s a better way to do it (Persist and recover).