Personal weightlifting tracker with and n8n

I use for my business - and we utilize a whole bunch of custom n8n workflows to automate it. This got me thinking about using it for my own personal organization as well, so I’ve build a monday board powered by an n8n workflow to keep track of and generate my weightlifting workouts:

It consists of 4 diffrent days, each with 2 lifts. To make the workout for the day, the “today” button column triggers n8n via webhook, which will then pull the appropriate template, increment the amount of weight by a set amount, and copy that to a new row with todays date.

Then a code node calculates the actual plates I need to use, and posts that as an item to monday. this makes it super easy to view on my phone when I’m actually at the gym:

Here’s the n8n workflow. The code node does most of the work setting up and putting it all in a string to post back to monday:


This is pretty cool, Nice work.