Pinboard is a fully-featured bookmarking service (I would say somewhat comparable to and – since Maciej Cegłowski, the developer, owns Delicious now for quite a few years – the “official” Delicious successor.

As the service was actually created as a replacement solution for Delicious the API is entirely congruent with the Delicious interface and – to my understanding – very well documented.

In regards to the API elements where a connection could make sense (alright – it is just my personal wishlist ;)):

  • update
    • posts/update
  • posts
    • posts/add
    • posts/delete
    • posts/get
    • posts/dates
    • posts/recent
    • posts/all
  • tags
    • tags/get
    • tags/delete
    • tags/rename

(The above is just an excerpt of the Pinboard API documentation, though I think that you guys probably know much better what needs to be implemented in order to allow the basic read/update/write/remove functions).

From a personal standpoint, I would really like to see a Pinboard trigger that could enable user to take action once new bookmarks have been added to pinboard e.g.

IF new bookmark WITH specific tag(s) gets added THEN allow us to do the n8n magic.

Happy to answer all questions if you would like to have further information about Pinboard.

EDIT: Totally forgot to add the link to the API docs:

Seems like editing posts (after a certain amount of time) is not enabled – am I missing something or is that on purpose? :slight_smile: