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I have a problem with the Pipedrive module. My Pipedrive leads have about 80 fields, and some of those fields don’t show up in the module. For example:

I have this field in Pipedrive

But I can’t find it in n8n :=(

Also in this list yesterday I had a field “Postal code of the secondary insurance company”, and today this field has disappeared.

I really would not want to do all this through the HTTP module…

Hi @Kirill_Lutskovich, many thanks for reporting this and please accept my apologies for the trouble this causes.

Based on your description it seems the Pipedrive node only fetches a limited number of fields to choose from. Indeed, from looking at the code fetching these fields there doesn’t seem to be any pagination taking place I am afraid.

I shall add this to our engineering backlog for a closer look and fix.

In the meantime, you could consider manually specifying the correct property ID. To do so, switch to an expression in the respective field:


You can find the required ID for each field in the Pipedrive settings:

n8n might complain if it can’t validate the ID but you should still be able to execute the node.

The problem has run its course. But I’ve tried inserting the field key via Expression and it still gives me the error “Value is supported” - maybe it will be useful for you to know.

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