Pipedrive Trigger via OAuth2 returns "Scope and URL mismatch" error

n8n setup

  • I use the hosted n8n version


I added a “Pipedrive Trigger” node to react on changes from Pipedrive (e.g. a deal being updated).
However running the node returns:

Problem running workflow
UNKNOWN ERROR - check the detailed error for more information

Pipedrive Trigger: Scope and URL mismatch

What I tried

Using the normal Pipedrive node (CRUD e.g. getting a list of deals) using OAuth2 works fine and returns the expected data.

Also running the Pipedrive Trigger using an API token instead of an OAuth2 authentication works fine. But I don’t want to use the API token because it gives full access to Pipedrive and doesn’t allow to limit the access scope (which has data security implications).

That’s how my setup looks like:

The Pipedrive account is connected correctly:

And in Pipedrive:


Can anybody help me to resolve the error Pipedrive Trigger: Scope and URL mismatch?

I finally figured out, how it works. If anyone should come across the same problem, here it is:

When I add a Pipedrive trigger node to my workflow, n8n uses the Pipedrive API to add a new webhook. This API is only accessible if the OAuth2 settings in Pipedrive include the access scope “Administer account”.

If I don’t want to give such a powerful access scope to the app, I have to create the webhook in Pipedrive manually (via Settings > Tools and apps > (Tools) > Webhooks) and then create a generic webhook node in n8n instead of using the Pipedrive trigger node.


Hi @Jesko, welcome to the community :tada:

Glad to hear you figured it out, thanks so much for sharing these additional details on the trigger node authentication!

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