Pocket Integration

Could we have an integration for Pocket, please?

Hey @ajayjohn

Could you please explain the use case you are looking for?

I am primarily looking for the following use-cases…

  1. ‘Add’ articles/URLs to the service, to be able to create something like a reading list out of different articles sources. E.g. email, RSS feeds etc.
  2. ‘Retrieve’ saved articles from the service to be able to get summarized details of URLs added, like article excerpt, thumbnail etc.

Other APIs calls like modify are just good to have and not essential.
Does this help?

@ajayjohn yeah this is helpful. Thanks very much. Will implement this soon.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Can I also request that you have a look at Tasker and Join Integration, please?
It will open up some awesome use-cases to trigger n8n workflows based on events on an Android phone and vice-versa.

Sure I will check it out as well. @ajayjohn


Hello @ajayjohn

Just checked the Pocket API and sadly they use a variant of OAuth2 which is yet not supported by n8n. So that this will take a little bit longer than usual. Either way I will keep you posted.


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Ah, I see. Understood.
Thanks for looking into this anyways.

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