Possible Bug - 0 added to end of files sent via webhook

Hey there, just noticed a bug which has broken a few of our workflows. N8n is adding a 0 to the end of our files which are sent via Webhook.

Here is an example of one where we are sending an mp3.

And another example where we are sending a PDF

These are two different n8n instances running through Cloudron. The version details are as follows;

App Title and Version

n8n 1.8.2

App ID


Last Updated


The details on N8n itself show 1.8.2.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is this intended or a bug as I will need to keep an eye out for when a new version comes out if it will go back to the old way

I have tested this with sending through Bubble API Connector where I have the apps using it and I also tested it using Postman to see if it was just a Bubble issue and can confirm same behavior via Postman as per Bubble.

I’m not too sure what would be going on here and why we’d be changing a filename - maybe @netroy might have an idea if anything changed in a recent release that could affect files being sent from webhooks? :bowing_man:

@stuart Can you please share more info about the webhook nodes? are you sending data as form-data ?

Yes it is coming through form data.

You can recreate by just sending a file in Postman through a POST request and you should see the same thing.

Thanks for confirming that it was form-data related.
It’s a regression from when I updated our form-data parsing library.
I’ve put in a fix PR, and hopefully this would be fixed in the next release.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Awesome, thank you!

New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 7385.

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