Possible BUG after [email protected]

Hello everyone, I am experiencing this “bug” i guess, after update n8n to 0.213
The topic is the credentials:
I am using the Sendinblue node, and for the authentication I have to add the API key

Then after saved, and I came back to the credential, I find the key like this.

and this actually doesn’t allow to the node to work

I really need urgent help please!

Hey @Gabriele_Bracciali,

We made a change to the password marked keys so that they can’t be extracted from the front end. Normally if you toggle it to an expression you will see the placeholder value.

Can you try setting it to “fixed” then input your api key and you should be good to go.

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Okay got it.
If i paste it in “Fixed” mode, and not switch to “Expression” it connect successfully

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Perfect, If you swap it to expression again you will see the other value, I don’t think we expected anyone to have the expression option set with a string in it.

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