Post a reply to a tweet using HTTP request node

Hi there,

I have been having trouble creating this workflow that needs the HTTP request node to post a tweet as a reply to a tweet. I have looked at the Twitter API reference and have not been able to crack the correct syntax of the post body.

Below is the screen capture showing the error.

Below is a screen capture of the params I am passing in the body of the post request.

API endpoint :
2nd param of the body that specifies the tweet to which I’d reply to is being passed as

I have tried few ways of passing it, but nothing seems to work.

Any assistance would be of great help.

Thank you.

I would try adding quotes to in_reply_to_tweet_id. Send it as "in_reply_to_tweet_id". That is, of course, assuming that that is the correct body. Can you share the endpoint you are trying to use?

Appreciate the response. API endpoint is
Here is the link to the API ref guide

I have tried the following:

  1. “in_reply_to_tweet_id”
  2. “in_reply_to_tweet_id” : “…”
  3. {“in_reply_to_tweet_id” : “…”}
  4. In the name field I put reply.in_reply_to_tweet_id. Screen capture below:

I don’t know what other combinations to try.

Hi @ronykris, from looking at the example in the documentation you have linked, the in_reply_to_tweet_id field should be nested inside the reply field:

Example: {"text": "Excited!", "reply": {"in_reply_to_tweet_id": "1455953449422516226"}}

So you might want to give the JSON/Raw Parameters option of the HTTP Request node a go:

This would be an easy way of adding a JSON structure to your request:


Thank you @MutedJam , I didn’t notice that option :slight_smile: It did the trick!

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Awesome, glad to hear this works and many thanks for confirming :slight_smile: