POST HTTP request getaddrinfo error

When we are trying to hit HTTP request around 500 then it shows error like this

Hi @Jeneel - welcome to the community :tada:

You’ve unfortunately removed our base template when creating this post, which would have valuable information that the community needs to assist you. From that screenshot, I can’t say much beyond it being a server issue, possibly due to an incorrect HTTP request address.

Can you provide your n8n version, how you’re using n8n (cloud or self-hosted, and if self-hosted, how you are self-hosting), and your workflow?

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It is hosted with the help of
[redacted workflow information]

Hi @Jeneel - that error is indicating a DNS failure of either EAI_NODATA or EAI_NONAME . This could suggest an issue with your hosting environment, and if so, you’ll need to get in touch with them.

What you can do is consider adding these retry options:

I also noticed you posted a token that likely wasn’t meant to be public, so I’ve redacted your post to remove it :+1: But thank you for posting it, as that also helped!

That being said, you should probably change those credentials to be safe :sweat_smile:

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I have already setup this thing tries is 5

Hi @Jeneel - if you’ve already set up retries, then you’ll unfortunately need to get in touch with your hosting provider as to why this error is happening.

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