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Hi @agobrecht and @marcus I was wondering if you can point me to more detailed instruction and / examples of the Postgres Trigger Node. if you check my comments in this post (Postgres node and postgres trigger node - #4 by gariva) you will see what kind of difficulties I have encountered.


Hi @gariva,
when using the Postgres Trigger Node to listen for events on a table it will automatically create a postgres trigger and function to listen to events. Both will be created if you manually run your workflow or if you activate your workflow. Also both will be deleted once a manuel execution finished or you deactivate you workflow. If n8n restarts it will reuse the previously created postgres trigger and function. Each Trigger node will create their own postgres trigger and function.

In regards to your problems mentioned here I am surprised to hear that the trigger worked once and than didn’t work a second time giving an error “must be owner of relation alertas_rastreo”.

  • Are you sure that your postgres user also has access to “alertas_rastreo”?
  • Did you try activating your workflow and checking the executions view to see if multiple events were fired (workflow setting Save successful production executions must be enabled)?
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HI @marcus I tried the node again… I am sad to say I could not make it work. I made sure the n8n user has all the permits in alertas_rastreo. I deleted all previous trace of n8n trigger and trigger functions. Tried it by pushing Listen to event and by activating the workflow. It worked fine two times with the listen to event button. When swiched to active it never registered a workflow execution with the active workflow. I also bumped a couple of times with the “must be owner…” error but I learned to avoid it by deleting the n8n created triggers and trigger functions. Thanks for your support, regards,

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