Postgresql node setting "Continue On Fail" is invalid

Postgresql node setting “Continue On Fail” is invalid

Hey @duttchasel, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

Would you be able to elaborate a bit on the problem you are facing? I just enabled this setting on my Postgres node like so:

I have then added a query running into an error and executed the below workflow:

The workflow did continue despite the error as expected:

So it would be great if you could share some additional details on what’s wrong here.

I didn’t know it would continue after the error was reported. The problem I encountered was “INSERT INTO” failure

MySQL node encounters ID conflict after setting “continue after failure”. It will continue to execute without error. However, this setting does not work in the PostgreSQL node. I have to add “on conflict (ID) do nothing” in SQL

I just want to reflect the situation. This problem does not affect my use