PostgreSQL Query with boolean values

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PostgreSQL update query works in SQL IDE and with a plain written boolean value in n8n. When using input data from a prior node or using {{false}} inside the query, it fails with the below stated error.

Other boolean values work in all three ways with same setting in the DB table.

What is the error message (if any)?

ERROR: syntax error at or near “,”

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  • n8n version: 0.174.0
    -*Running n8n via Docker

Hey @SteffenN, I just gave this a quick go on my end but didn’t run into any trouble here when creating a quick test table with a single boolean column.

Could you confirm how the JSON data coming from your Format endTime node looks like and which of the columns in your table has a boolean data type?

Hi @MutedJam,

below the information requested and screenshots of the postgreSQL node.

Output of endTime node:

		"headers": {
			"host": "n8n.*host*.de",
			"user-agent": "Vert.x-WebClient/4.2.5",
			"content-length": "1246",
			"clockify-signature": "XXXX",
			"clockify-webhook-event-type": "TIME_ENTRY_UPDATED",
			"content-type": "application/json",
			"x-forwarded-for": "",
			"x-forwarded-host": "n8n.*host*.de",
			"x-forwarded-port": "443",
			"x-forwarded-proto": "https",
			"x-forwarded-server": "22e83ac5e8a1",
			"x-real-ip": "",
			"accept-encoding": "gzip"
		"params": {},
		"query": {},
		"body": {
			"id": "6270e040736b43623af5xxxx",
			"description": "n8n_test",
			"userId": "5e635f162fe7db4da05dxxxx",
			"billable": true,
			"projectId": "5f718cdb2410e76ceb13xxxx",
			"timeInterval": {
				"start": "2022-05-03T07:00:00Z",
				"end": "2022-05-03T08:00:00Z",
				"duration": "PT1H"
			"workspaceId": "5f70bcb52410e76ceb11xxxx",
			"isLocked": false,
			"hourlyRate": null,
			"costRate": null,
			"customFieldValues": [],
			"currentlyRunning": false,
			"project": {
				"name": "test",
				"clientId": "5f7307f62586c76b9b83xxxx",
				"workspaceId": "5f70bcb52410e76ceb11xxxx",
				"billable": true,
				"estimate": {
					"estimate": "PT0S",
					"type": "AUTO"
				"color": "#3F51B5",
				"archived": false,
				"clientName": "Internal",
				"duration": "PT42H8M12S",
				"note": "",
				"budgetEstimate": null,
				"timeEstimate": {
					"includeNonBillable": true,
					"estimate": 0,
					"type": "AUTO",
					"resetOption": null
				"activeEstimate": "TIME",
				"id": "5f718cdb2410e76ceb13xxxx",
				"public": true,
				"template": false
			"task": {
				"name": "task1",
				"projectId": "5f718cdb2410e76ceb13xxxx",
				"assigneeId": "",
				"assigneeIds": [],
				"userGroupIds": [],
				"estimate": "PT0S",
				"status": "ACTIVE",
				"workspaceId": "5f70bcb52410e76ceb11xxxx",
				"budgetEstimate": 0,
				"billable": true,
				"hourlyRate": null,
				"costRate": null,
				"id": "62713f28736b43623afcxxxx",
				"duration": "PT1H"
			"user": {
				"id": "5e635f162fe7db4da05dxxxx",
				"name": "Steffen Xxxxxx",
				"status": "ACTIVE"
			"tags": []
		"startTime": "2022-05-03 07:05:00",
		"endTime": "2022-05-03 08:05:00"


    timeentryid    varchar,
    description    varchar,
    userid         varchar,
    endtime        timestamp,
    starttime      timestamp,
    duration       double precision,
    workspaceid    varchar,
    is_locked      boolean,
    billable       boolean,
    projectid      varchar,
    clientid       varchar,
    activeuser     boolean,
    timestamp      timestamp,
    invoicestatus  varchar,
    invoice_id     varchar,
    invoice_number integer,
    task_id        varchar

Not working:


Thanks @SteffenN, I could reproduce this with the FALSE value you are sending for your isLocked field. It seems this simply sends an empty value by default when used in an expression like {{$json["body"]["isLocked"]}}:

When using {{$json["body"]["isLocked"].toString()}} however, the update works as expected:


Could you give this a go on your end and confirm if you’re still facing any trouble afterwards?

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@MutedJam Thanks a lot! With the conversion it works for me.

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Awesome, glad to hear and thanks so much for confirming!