Posting binary file to webhook

I am trying to send a screenshot from puppeteer to webhook node.

when i test with , i am able to see the screenshot file send.

However, when i send to webhook node, nothing happens.

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Hi @Benjamin123, your screenshot suggests the webhook node didn’t run. You’d need to click Execute Node before sending a request to your Test URL for the data to appear in the n8n canvas. This is also explained in the docs in more detail.

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Hello @MutedJam . the screenshot i post is the result after running the node.

after executing the node, i send the post request from puppeteer and wait for response in webhook node. And below is what i get after a while.

Hm, I quickly tried this but didn’t run into any problems with sending binary data to the webhook node:

Are you perhaps sending your data to the wrong URL? Could you double-check this using a tool like Insomnia, Postman, or curl?

i know where the problem is … i forgot to input https:// at " webhook tunnel url " when i install n8n using docker.

once i reinstall with https, webhook works. :grinning:

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