Posting to social media plattforms automatically - which nodes needed?


I am currently trying to use my notion social media planning calendar/database to automatically post to Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest.

What is the best way to post to these social media sites automatically via n8n?

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Hey @salexes Welcome to the n8n community :heart:

You can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Maybe via Facebook Business API)

Right now you can’t post to Pinterest with n8n since they don’t provide API.

Here is a similar post for your reference.


Hi mcnaveen, thank you for welcoming me!

I will take a look at the Facebook Business API node of n8n, thank you for letting me know about it.
The linked post is definitely helpful, thank you!

I have found this for Pinterest it seems there is an API that can be used: Pinterest Developers


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I have found this on the n8n website:

Is this the node I need to use to use the Facebook Business API ?


Hey @salexes,

Looking at the documentation of the Facebook Graph API, it seems like you can use that node.

Also, since Pinterest has a REST API, you can use the HTTP Request node to make calls to the API in your workflow.

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