Prevent object to erase all the others object in MongoDB


I have an issue with the MongoDB node. On my collection, I have an object enrichments on all my documents where I store the status of all my enrichment processes.


On my flow, after my MongoDB node - Find I need to update the document with & enrichment.employees.version. That way, I know that the task is done on this document. But when I update the document based on the _id, it erases all my others objects that are in enrichments. So I have only & enrichment.employees.version left.

An example of my flow:

How can I prevent this? Do you have any idea? I tried many things.

Thank you in advance,
Have a nice day.

Hey @Growthiste,

That is odd, Can you share the data from the Set node?

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Hello Jon :slight_smile:
Thank you for your answer.

It’s all good I just disabled the not donation on the Set node and it’s good now… Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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