Print Execution Results

Hi there, is there a way to print the results of an already executed workflow to a text file or PDF? It looks like the execution information is stored in the database as JSON but wasn’t sure if there was an easier to get to than querying the database.

Our use case: we’re using n8n to turn checklists of manual tasks into workflows, but we’re also required to record the results of each task so it would be nice if we could just print out the result of the entire workflow at the end. It’s not inhibiting us from using n8n so no worries there, just a nice feature to have!

Thanks for everything!

Hey @Ian_Taggart!

I guess there are a couple of things that you could do:

  1. Send the information via email so that you can deal with it manually
  2. Push the information to a dashboard so that it can be consumed that way (Using dashboards is a little project I’m working on right now so it is kind of on my brain)
  3. Depending upon the environment that you are in, it is possible to send information to a printer using an API (for example, in a Windows environment, it is possible to send print jobs via the print spooler API)

Thanks a lot @Tephlon!

Apart what @Tephlon already wrote would it really be currently not possible after the execution is done except if you reading it directly from the database.
You would have to capture the data before the workflow execution is finished. So depending on what exactly you need, it could be a simple Write Binary File Node that you add to each of the workflows you want to record the result of. Or if it is more complicated or you have to do it for very many workflows you can create a separate workflow for that. That one you could then add it on the end of every workflow by calling it via an Execute Workflow Node.

I hope that helps!