Problem docker-compose file n8n-docker-caddy

I’m having trouble running the n8n github file in n8n-docker-caddy, the return is no configuration file provided: not found and the file is in the folder correctly.

Hey @EmersonGarrido,

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That looks more like a docker error than an n8n error although I am not sure why it can’t find the file. Can you share the contents of your docker-compose.yml file so we can see if there is anything missing or not set correctly.

Yes, gist file : docker-compose.yaml · GitHub

Resolved : the problem was that the clone was in the ~/ folder and not inside the root
mv folder /root/folder resolved problem

I just gave it a bash on mine and having it in the users home folder (~/) worked fine, I suspect there may have been a little bit more to it but nice to hear you have it working.

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