Problem in node "Node uses invalid credential"

HubSpot has switched to private app keys instead of the API Key. I am changing this on our calls. I have updated 3 out of 4 calls and the last is giving me the error "Problem in node ‘HubSpot’ Node uses invalid credentials. It works in a workflow with a HubSpot node and in the other two that are http requests (custom object). The last is also a http request node (a custom object), but I am receiving an error with using the same credentials as the other three. The credential is “Predefined…-HubSpot App Token.” I’ve double checked the scope and it contains custom objects. Also, the work flow still works with the API Key (that HubSpot is sunsetting).

Error Message: Problem in node ‘Hubspot‘
Node uses invalid credential

Hi @TDean!

Can you check out this post and see if this helps you out? Sometimes people get caught without a valid “Developer API Key” in your HubSpot Developer API credentials. In older versions of n8n this field isn’t marked as required but unfortunately can cause the authentication to fail if not provided :see_no_evil:


Thanks so much EmeraldHerald! That’s it. I was still using an old node. I updated it and it’s working!


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