Problem is filter node

Hi all,
I have a very weird problem in a filter node.
The input of my filter is a Baserow node (with getAll method). I had some weird behaviors so I tried to understand by simplying my Baserow database (I first wanted to use the filter function inside the Baserow node but I couldnt make it works). I end up with the following:

Have you ever experienced something similar?
Thanks for your answer,

Hi @asan :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

While we’d need some example data structure for Baserow and an example workflow, I have a suspicion of what you might be running into. Can you check this post out by my teammate and see if this fixes it up for you? Your webhook node might only be returning one item, so your current expression will only work for the first item arriving on the current node. You could try an expression of {{ $('Webhook').first().json.body.items[0]['Votre Groupe Local'][0].id }}, for example.

If not, can you please provide an example workflow that wouldn’t take credentials (outside of Baserow) and also an example of how your Baserow database is set up? That way we can test :slight_smile:

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