Problem of error writing to Airtable single select field

A few days ago, I wrote a workflow to periodically synchronize Notion database data to Airtable. It has been running smoothly for the past few days, but it suddenly failed today. After investigation, I found out that in order to write an option to an Airtable single select field, the option must have been previously configured in that field.

For example, in Notion, there is a weather field with only two options: sunny and rainy, and both options have been previously configured in Airtable. In this case, writing to Airtable works normally. However, if a new option is added in Notion, such as snow, attempting to write it to Airtable will result in an error.

In this case, “append” is used to write to Airtable. It is unclear whether this is a bug in n8n or a limitation of Airtable.

Turning on the Typecast option in the Airtable node should help.


Thank you very much, it works


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