Problem to limit item

how to limit the items? I’m using the item list with limit 1 and Execute Once activated, but I receive data from two items and it ends up passing both items and I end up receiving a duplicate message.

How can I resolve this?

In your case, does the node get executed multiple times (up to 4 times, as it has 4 incoming connections). The node will so limit it to 1 item for each execution (in your case 2 items, 1 item for each of the 2 times it executes). If you want really just 1 item you have to merge the branches with a Merge-Node first and then limit that output.

I hope that is helpful and makes sense.

I think I understand, in this case I would have to use 3 merge? and merge for every 2nd entry and third merge for both merge? as it is in the photo, or is there another way to make the flow smaller?