Problem using Get_shared_link_file

Hello, I have such an error. Probably some parameters are wrong. Does anyone know what is wrong and where it should be?

Hi Max,
I had a quick look at dropbox’s http developer page, it looks like you need to set your header like this

So you need to set the Dropbox-API-Arg header like this

{ "Dropbox-API-Arg": { "path": "/samorodek.jpg" } } 
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now i got such an error

It may expect the value as string, could you try something like this.

{ "Dropbox-API-Arg": "{ "path": "/samorodek.jpg" } }" 

Oh my bad, I got the string value part wrong. Can you try.

{ "Dropbox-API-Arg": "{ \"path\": \"/samorodek.jpg\" }" }

Inside your string value you have to escape these \".

unfortunately, something is still wrong
Zrzut ekranu 2022-08-30 093245

Can you use it without an expression just copy

{ "Dropbox-API-Arg": "{ \"path\": \"/samorodek.jpg\" }" }
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Error in call to API function “sharing/get_shared_link_file”: HTTP header “Dropbox-API-Arg”: missing required field ‘url’

{ "Dropbox-API-Arg": "{ \"path\": \"/samorodek.jpg\",\"url\":\"\" }" }

Alright, that means the header itself is working. You have to add the url param to whatever dropbox expects. I think you are setting it in your original screenshot.

I put the url field empty and it worked partially because it reported an error: shared_link_not_found / …

I am not sure if I understood correctly how this element works. The documentation says that this item should return a link to the file. So the URL position in header may be empty.

It looks like you are trying to download a shared link’s file from a user’s Dropbox. So I think the url should be the link to that file.

I have never used the dropbox api myself to I am not sure how this works.

So I would have to insert a link in the URL, will the automation generate the link itself?

Rather, it seems to me that the automation will return the url itself. otherwise this module doesn’t make sense

No, n8n will not generate the link itself. The documentation just says that you need to insert the shared link. I guess you can get it from the dropbox ui.

So before the module / get_shared_link_file there should be the module / get_shared_link_metadata. Do I understand correctly?
I wonder what / create_shared_link_with_settings is for?

Something strange about this documentation