Problem using "XMLHttpRequest" in function node

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Is it possible to use to use the XMLHttpRequest Object in a function node somehow?
When I tried, I received the error: “ERROR: XMLHttpRequest is not defined”

I was thinking about using a function like this with multiple XMLHttpRequest instead of setting up multiple HTTP Request nodes. (If its important to know - I am using the

I am just in my beginnings of coding, so I do not even know if it makes sense what I am trying to achieve this way.

Thanks for you help and time!


Why don’t you use the Asana node? If case that whatever you want to do it’s not supported by the Asana node, why don’t you use the HTTP Node?

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In this workflow I want to create several asana tasks with dependencies.

  1. The Asana Node does not enable me to add a new task automatically to a section within a project. HTTP Requests do, thats why I prefer the HTTP Request over the Asana Node.

  2. The HTTP Request Node does not enable me to create a task and add dependencies within the same node. I need to HTTP Requests nodes for it. Thats why I want to use one function node, that can do both. Moreover I am thinking of using a loop or something like this in the function so it will be easily possible to create multiple tasks without duplicating and configuring multiple nodes.

Is that understandable?

I understand that but still, I would go with multiple HTTP nodes. Anyways, check the links below. They have information on how to import the HTTP module into the function node.


Thank you, I went with the multiple HTTP nodes :slight_smile:

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