Problem with Connecting to Instagram business page

Hello, I have been granted permission to the fb page. This is related in a way to access to Instagram. I would like to connect automations to Instagram. Automation is designed to publish posts on Instagram. The problem is that the automation does not see the Instagram page. I am not the owner of the Instagram and Facebook page. Mom only granted powers. Could this be related to my problems?

Hey @Max_T,

When you say it doesn’t see the page what do you mean? It looks as long as it is Instagram Business account and not a normal account just being used a business if the page is linked it should work as long as you have the correct permissions.

You may need to also grant your facebook app more permissions, There is more information available here: Übersicht - Instagram-Plattform - Dokumentation - Meta for Developers

I’m doing this on make for now. If I succeed here, I’ll try on n8n. I was able to connect, but the module does not see the page.


I connected Instagram through my Facebook account. However, I can manage the owner’s account from it.

Hey @Max_T,

Sadly we can’t really compare Make to n8n as we don’t know what they are doing internally to make things easier. Our Facebook node requires a lot of knowledge of the Facebook APIs to use it properly and configuration of the Facebook app.

I wonder if it’s a make issue? or maybe instagram?

Hey @Max_T,

No idea we don’t support Make.

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where intagram informs about the lack of verification of a business account?

Hey @Max_T,

I may be missing context there but verification missing is probably going to be an Instagram thing.

is there any instruction to help me post on instagram with n8n?

Hi @Max_T,

There is not, Using the Facebook node currently involves understanding how the Facebook API works and following their documentation. We do plan to change this at some point but it likely won’t be for a while.

Hwy @Max_T. Have a look at this one :slight_smile:

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