Problem with Google Sheets

Hi there, I’m self-hosting a n8n instance but I have having trouble connecting Google Sheets. My instance is up and running.

I’ve created a Google cloud project, created credentials and enable the Google Sheets API according to the documentation. When adding my Google Sheets account to n8n, it says it’s successfully connected. However, when building things in workflows, it says it can’t load the list of my documents and it’s telling me to check the credentials.

How can I fix this? Thank you in advance!

Hi @Ricky_Wolff :wave: Welcome to the community! :tada:

Out of curiosity, might this be a company account that has sheets shared with you, or is this your own personal Sheets account?

Hi there, thank you! This is my personal sheets account

@EmeraldHerald also, I have no issues with other services like Gmail. It seems that Google Sheets it not working

I’m new here. But did you activate the Google Sheets API?

@lauge Yes I did

I’ve also tried connecting to a business account, but running into the same issues :frowning:

Hmm, can you try the “by ID” option and see if that works here?

If that works, you might need to also enable this in the Google Cloud console as well, as I believe that’s what fetches the available sheet files :thinking:


Hey @EmeraldHerald I checked and by URL it seems to be working! Just not when I select from list. I’ve have enabled the Drive API. That indeed allowed the list view to work as well. Thank you for your help!


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