Problem with item lists

Hi Expert,

i am using airtable to list some of my records, which i will would like to delete in the workflow.
And i found out there are 78 records

and in the “field”, i need to extract the recordid and delete them one by one.
but i am sorry that i dont know how to do the following

  1. extract the recordid from different record ( actually i have a field call “recordid”)
  2. how to create a loop and delete the record one by one??

Any hints for me , thanks!!

Hi Expert,

follow up to my case, i can successfully output the array of recordid.

But i am still not know the next step of how to delete the record one by one through airtable node, can any one advise??


Hi @Louis_kwok, you might want to check out the Item Lists node. This node can split out your id field into individual items (which you can then delete one by one using the Airtable node).