Problem with multiple Schedule Triggers

Hi there,
I was using Cron node before update, but after update I noticed that Cron node is replaced with Scheduler Trigger node although Cron is still available.
I add Scheduler trigger to my flow instead of Cron node, and faced a weird problem:

As you can see I used multiple Scheduler trigger nodes that match different timezones. And the set nodes after each scheduler triggers are used for setting specific variables.

But as you can see the flow started with two of them triggering: Australia and Great Britain.

This is Australia which is correct.

and this is Great Britain which is incorrect!

Btw… I set the GENERIC_TIMEZONE variable to UTC.
Note that this flow works well with Cron node.

What is the problem?

Hi @jellybean, I am sorry for the trouble. Despite its simplicity, this node keeps surprising me :see_no_evil:

I’ll set up a test workflow with two Schedule nodes and see if I can observe this problem first hand.

To make sure I understand your scenario, can you confirm a few additional details?

  1. Are you using the latest available version of n8n?
  2. Which time zone do you have configured in your workflow settings?
  3. And is there possibly a Merge node after the Schedule trigger nodes from your screenshot? A Merge node would also cause connected input branches to run.

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