Problem with timestamp and the node data&time

I am doing an automation on n8n, using the slack node, I absolutely need to know (for the automation to work) the time a slack was posted on a channel.
As you can see in the attached screen there is no time indicated, however the term "ts: " could be the timestamp. After several settings I can’t set the data and time node to transform the time stamp into a normal date.
Could you help me?

Hi @Esteban_Miralles, welcome to the community!

A value of 1665752579.402509 would represent the number of seconds since midnight on Jan 1 1970. Check out this Wikipedia article for details.

Using n8n’s Date & Time node you could convert it into a human readable timestamp, for example like so:

This is the result:

Let me know if you have any questions on this :slight_smile:

Ok thank you very much for your rapidity and answer !
It’s works !

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Glad to hear, thanks so much for confirming!